Lacey Glass

Founded in 1980 in its namesake town of Lacey, WA, Lacey Glass Inc. started from humble beginnings. For many years the Lacey Glass crew was focused on residential windows, doing new construction, retrofits and reglazes throughout Thurston County. By the mid 1980’s they expanded into the market of custom sunrooms and light commercial work and from there the passion for solar and energy efficiency began.

As the years progressed and the business grew, Lacey Glass built a reputation on innovation and has become known for its ability to complete even the most complicated projects with ease. Throughout the 90s Lacey Glass extended further into commercial markets. They began furnishing and installing Polycarbonate and Translucent FRP Skylights and Canopy systems throughout the Pacific NorthWest I-5 corridor. Schools, Government Buildings, and Transit Centers became opportunities to advocate for the benefits of natural daylighting at the state and federal levels.

Lacey Glass has thrived through multiple recessions and construction booms in the competition by specializing in niche’ projects that other companies do not have the capacity to complete at the same level of precision. By utilizing both Glazing and Sheet Metal Union tradesmen, Lacey Glass has expanded capabilities for more extensive, intricate, custom fabrications. In 2006 Lacey Glass acquired Skyworks Daylighting, a skylight manufacturing company, thus enlarging its scope to Historical Replica Skylights and since then have been combining innovative glass technology with historically accurate framing systems.

Nowadays, Lacey Glass has expanded and focuses exclusively on commercial projects, while subsidiary, Lacey Glass at Home, specializes in residential applications.  As project scopes have grown, so has the passion for Daylighting and innovation. Phil now shares the knowledge he’s gained with 40 years of best-practices experience and continuing education. Phil has designed multiple accredited courses that he teaches at events ranging from building conventions to smaller lunch-and-learn presentations. Each covers topics such as daylighting basics and do’s and don’ts of daylighting design and implementation. 

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