The Book “The Website Sandwich”

Stop guessing and start building on a simple marketing strategy that will turn you into an online marketing genius.

Online marketing can be a difficult thing to understand. The internet is constantly changing as people change the ways in which they use it.

There is so much out there that it’s no wonder business owners don’t know where to start. What gets lost is the unchanging basics of how businesses operate and how those basics translate into the best and most important online marketing practices. In this book, we will make your online marketing make sense again so you can make the best decisions for your business and know how to prioritize your online efforts.

The website sandwich is a website in the middle approach that will help you take control of your online presence and determine your business's marketing future.

A Website in the middle approach.

Our approach takes the best parts of your business workflow and allows you to create once and share everywhere.

This allows you to create your content right where you want your customers and ensure that your social media activities all lead to your website where you can create that lead or make a sale. Centralizing your activities around your website saves time and money.

What do you need to do?


(Be Awesome)

You need to stand out, look professional, create value.   That means a professional online presence. Your customers need to get the signals that entice them to investigate further.  You use credentials, stories, and testimonials to prove that you are awesome and make the sale.


(Do Great Work)

You know for a fact that you do great work, you are using your feedback generation systems to know exactly where you left every customer and use that information to improve your products and services.  Continuous improvement creates an undefeatable brand.


(Prove It)

Ask for feedback after every transaction.  This is how you know your business is doing good and it gives you the fuel in the form of case studies and testimonials to allow you to prove that you are indeed awesome in your sales cycle.

Post to your website regularly.

If you are awesome, do great work and ask for feedback after every transaction?  Then there is no reason not to have content to post on your website.   Why are you awesome?  Do you have an example of you doing great work?  Do your customers give you great feedback? Any answer to these questions is a great blog post that comes right out of your day to day business.

Share your posts on social media.

Now that you are posting to your website regularly, hit the social buttons, and share it with your networks.  The hard work is done and it only takes a few seconds to share and make a comment.  Take it a step further and boost the post in your advertising accounts to grow your organic network traffic.

Want more specifics?

An ever-growing list of industry-specific examples of "The Website Sandwich" in practice is contained in the book.  When you purchase once on you automatically get every addition and revision for free.  Contact us if you want us to create a new addendum for your industry, we can even plug your business after you start executing the strategy.

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