What Does Twelve Months of Blog Articles Look Like

July marked our 12th-month creating blog articles for Storageland.org and the blog page is looking real good. It’s nice to see regularly posted content on a website we created. As we discuss in our book, we believe the best SEO strategy is relevant content.

Our Process

Each month we employ “The Website Sandwich” strategy by researching time-relevant topics related to the keyword storage units.  We then turn these topics into the questions people are asking about.  Finally, we turn the questions into article headlines and the writing process begins.

Our goal is to produce an article around 500 words that not only answers the question but places storageland as a trusted resource. Using licensed photo’s from our library combined with the article the blog is placed on storageland.org’s website to be shared by the owners on social media.

Want us to write for your business?

If you are interested in our services writing blog posts and or creating a lead generation strategy for your business check out our Website Sandwich Service at this link.

The Website Sandwich Content Marketing Service + Listing, Reputation Monitoring & Analytics Software Included

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